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Good Sports gives local sporting clubs access to the tools, resources and support they need so they can get on with enjoying their sport!

Our Aim is for all australians to be the healthiest they can be

Good Sports works together with local sporting clubs to build a healthier sporting nation.

We support local sports clubs, social teams and elite clubs at the pinnacle of their profession.

Our program has helped over 8700 sporting clubs across Australia provide a safe and inclusive environment, where everyone can get involved.

Positive change

We recognise the huge role that sport plays in the development of healthy individuals and communities. The Good Sports program leads the way to success for a thriving and inclusive club culture.

Health benefits

Sport and health are side by side. We support our clubs to help look after the physical, mental and social wellbeing of their members. That means education and support for responsible alcohol consumption, nutrition and mental health.

Club support

We work as a team with all of our clubs to help facilitate change. We have a list of courses and resources that are proven to help you formulate a winning strategy to improve the health and wellbeing of your club. Take a look at our resources.

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Excessive alcohol consumption can delay the repair of soft-tissue injuries.

Excessive alcohol consumption can distract you from carrying out appropriate recovery strategies to help the body refuel and rehydrate.

Drinking the night before a game can affect a person’s speed and performance and increase the risk of injury.

If a person drank a lot at night they may still have a high concentration of alcohol in their bloodstream the following day.

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