8th May, 2024 — LGBTIQA+

LGBTIQA+ resources

Sporting clubs are a place where everyone in the community should feel safe and like they belong.

Maybe you want to make your club a more welcoming environment for existing LGBTIQA+ players?

Or you want to broaden your membership and attract a more diverse member and fan base?

Check out some of these resources from great organisations like Proud2Play and Pride Cup.

Templates and tipsheets

These documents from Proud2Play are a great way to help you get started.

TIP SHEET: Tips for Engaging With the LGBTQI+ Community

Use this tip sheet for information on how you can better engage with the LGBTQI+ community.

TIP SHEET: Tips for Talking to Your Committee

Use this tip sheet for information on how you can talk to your club's committee about LGBTQI+ inclusion.

TEMPLATE: LGBTQI+ Inclusion Guidelines Template

​This is a template for guidelines for the inclusion of LGBTQI+ people in your club. The template has been developed in accordance with Sport Australia's guidelines for the inclusion of trans and gender diverse people in sport.

Creating an LGBTI+ Inclusive Club free online course

The Play by the Rules and Proud2Play Creating an LGBTI+ Inclusive Club is a free, interactive online training course suitable for coaches, administrators, officials, players and volunteers.

It was developed in partnership with South West Sport and VicHealth. At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:

  • define the LGBTI+ community;
  • identify the benefits of LGBTI+ inclusion for your club;
  • identify and use LGBTI+ inclusive language in your club;
  • identify and address barriers to LGBTI+ inclusion in your club, and
  • change your club culture to be more inclusive of LGBTI+.

Host a Pride Cup

Pride Cup can support your club to run a Pride round. Pride Cup events are joyous, celebratory statements of love and acceptance for LGBTIQ+ players, spectators and members of the local community that have an immediate and direct impact.

The impact Pride Cup has is significant – reducing homophobic language in sporting clubs by up to 40% when a Pride Cup event and education session is held. These impacts ripple out into the wider community, making entire communities safer and more inclusive for its LGBTIQ+ members.

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