Take the stress, drama and mystery out of fundraising with these free video tutorials, tools and tips from the experts.

Fundraising shaved ice stand

Good Sports clubs provide the community with so much. Healthy activities, the chance to connect and socialise, family-friendly venues and being part of our welcoming Aussie sporting culture.

But clubs don’t run on thin air and sausage sizzles. Equipment, office supplies, fees, insurance, power and water. It all costs money.

Use these tips to lift your fundraising game and get some cash flow for your club.

Ask the experts

Club members have long looked to their sporting heroes - Dusty, Tedesco, LeBron, Serena - for examples of professionalism and excellence.

You might be surprised to know there are also people who are powerhouse fundraising experts, and they really know their stuff.

Good Sports has gathered some of the best and fairest in their field to give you some free training lessons on raising money and looking after valuable sponsors.

Good Sports is pleased to present a series of four video webinars and companion toolkits.

Topics include:

  • Corporate partnerships and sponsorship management
  • Grants
  • Community fundraising
  • Digital fundraising ideas

Video tutorials

This video tutorial and toolkit cover:

  • an overview of fundraising tactics
  • the competitive landscape for fundraising
  • people’s attitudes and beliefs to giving
  • how to create your fundraising proposition.

Presented by Karen Armstrong from More Impact.

Download Fundraising Toolkit PDF

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This video tutorial and toolkit cover:

  • identifying relevant grants
  • applying for grants
  • managing successful grants.

Presented by Jo Garner, Director Strategic Grants.

Download Fundraising Toolkit 2 PDF

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This video tutorial and toolkit cover:

  • overview of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs
  • corporate giving in Australia
  • how to approach companies for sponsorship and donations
  • looking after your sponsors while community sport is paused.

Presented by Luke Bell, Hone Consulting.

Download Fundraising Toolkit 3 PDF

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This webinar and toolkit cover:

  • audience engagement
  • content development
  • community and event fundraising types
  • digital fundraising and Facebook

Presented by Karen Armstrong, More Impact and Mary Anne Plummer, Exuberance.

Download Fundraising Toolkit 4 PDF

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We know how busy volunteers are. So, Good Sports has come up with fundraising ideas that will hit the mark without any hassle. Your club can give them your own special twist.

And there’s no need to trek off to the bottle shop when it comes to quick and easy prizes. Here is a list of alternatives that no one will knockback.

Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas (alcohol-free)