Some community sport clubs have been pushed to the financial edge. Applying for a grant could be the key to turning fortunes around.


COVID-19 has knocked about many community sporting clubs. Not to mention regional disasters like fires and floods. Around Australia, times are tough.

You know your club means more just than the trophies and championships.

Good Sports clubs are survivors through thick and thin. They are strong defenders of mental health and community spirit.

How Good Sports can help

Being a Good Sports club means you can show your club is looking out for its members.

Your accreditation provides evidence to funding bodies and local sponsors that you run your club in a professional way, meeting state laws and health guidelines.

You are also doing the right thing by providing good role models and a healthy pastime for young people. Keeping them busy and developing their social skills.

When handing out money, that’s what people are looking for. They want to know their funding is going to an organisation - no matter what the size or sporting code - that is bigger than the results on the grass or in the pool.

Let them see how you are making a difference in their community.

Tips for writing grant applications

Applying for grants can complicated. It's difficult to know where to start. Our Fundraising Toolkit, which you can download below, has a detailed section on writing a winning grant application.

If you need some more helpful tips, here are a few websites you can visit: