6th January, 2021 — Membership and management

Discussing Good Sports at your AGM

The club’s annual general meeting (AGM) is a good place to cement Good Sports as part of your operating structure.

The AGM kicks off the year ahead, formalising office holders and any changes to the way the club operates.

That’s why it is an ideal time to put forward a proposal to formally join Good Sports, or to restate your commitment.

This will help to ensure new and existing committee members are familiar with how the program runs and why it’s so important.

Use these resources to showcase the program and how it has worked to benefit your club.

If you’re not already a Good Sports club, use these resources to describe the program to your committee, focusing on the benefits of joining Good Sports for your club and community.

Need more help? Get in touch with someone from our team.

Information sheets

Our printable info sheets are a great resource to bring along to your next club meeting. They help to explain the benefits of the program and what is required at each level.

Good Sports video

Why not tell the story through video? We have loads of club stories and program information on our Good Sports YouTube Channel. You can access these from your own computer. Just make sure that you have an internet connection.

We especially recommend this handy explainer which describes what the program is and why it’s so important for your club.

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Membership and management