6th January, 2021 — Alcohol

Alcohol-free rewards are winners

You don’t have to use alcohol for fundraising or prizes. Here are some interesting ways to show appreciation and respect for your club’s winners.

Clubs are leaders in their community who role model healthy behaviours. Making a few changes to the way you award prizes or fundraise can make a huge difference.

Whether it is a slab of beer or a bottle of spirits, using alcohol as a prize can send the wrong message to club members, especially young people.

Here’s a list of alternatives to alcohol as rewards, awards, fundraisers and raffle prizes. And you might just find these gifts are a lot more welcome than a bottle.

Alternative fundraising ideas

Try out these ideas for your next event:

  • movie tickets/vouchers
  • dinner for one/two at local restaurant
  • taxi voucher to a certain value (to encourage safe transport)
  • personalised coffee mugs
  • trophy/medallion
  • food voucher for canteen
  • ticket to sporting event/venue
  • DVD/book/music streaming service gift cards
  • sports shop voucher
  • hardware store voucher
  • TV streaming service (Netflix, etc.) gift voucher
  • haircut voucher
  • take away food voucher
  • petrol voucher
  • car clean
  • hampers
  • gym passes
  • session with a personal trainer
  • club clothing or merchandise

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