7th July, 2022 — Good Sports

Westbury Shamrocks get lucky with Good Sports grant

The Westbury Shamrocks, capped off a busy season with their third trophy win in the Northern Tasmanian Cricket Association’s first-grade grand final.

They also received a Good Sports grant to train up more club members to help out at the bar.

Exclusive to registered Good Sports clubs in Tasmania, the grants, which are designed to help clubs improve the health of members, are open until January 31, 2023.

More volunteers, more support

Phillip Murfet (Grants Officer) at the Westbury Cricket Club said the aim was to get more players actively involved in supporting the club with volunteer duties.

“One of these areas is bar work during the club’s operating hours. By having more people trained with Responsible Service of Alcohol it broadens our responsibility across our members. And it ensures our people thoroughly understand the guidelines of this important duty.”

Phil said that five volunteers from within the playing group were trained including three players in their mid-20s. As a result, one of the players recently benefited by getting a job in the hospitality industry.

“Besides sharing the load for volunteers, it sets a good example for young people and educates them about the risks of alcohol.”

“As a family club it’s important to provide a safe club environment and adhere to legislation.”

The club, which has many junior members, is keen for the boys to look up to good role models who can positively influence them.

Mental health a focus

In the current grant round, the club is considering applying for a Mental Health First Aid package.

Phil said that mental health is something the club wants to focus on and has held educational sessions in the past.

It supports the Make Runs Maxi Foundation, an organisation which promotes positive social and emotional health and wellbeing. This was instigated by a local family in memory of their son who played for the club.

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