21st June, 2022 — fundraising

Onkaparinga Tennis and Netball Club going for Gold

Onkaparinga Tennis and Netball Club is a Gold Medal accredited Good Sports club based in the regional area of Adelaide Hills.

The netball club is one of the largest in the Mid Hills Netball Association. The tennis club continues to achieve amazing success as part of the Hills Tennis Association.

Katherine Martin is the president of the Onkaparinga Netball Club and Secretary of the Onkas Tennis Club. She describes the club as the heartbeat of the Oakbank/Balhannah community.

“When the club is succeeding there’s a real buzz and excitement around the community. Not only that we are providing opportunities for young boys and girls of all ages to get fit and enjoy their sport.”

“Our club is an inclusive, bright and vibrant place to be. We have a wonderful supportive club environment.”

Good Sports makes it easy

To be the very best they can be, and to support the club’s valuable volunteers, Katherine uses the Good Sports resources.

“We’re part of Good Sports because it ensures that we are doing right by all our members. And, promoting healthy and safe messages to our young and upcoming junior players,” she said.

“Our club is run entirely by volunteers. The policies Good Sports has generated for us saves us so much time as we no longer have to spend time writing them ourselves.”

“Our policies are regularly updated and the check-ins from Good Sports staff always ensure we are up to date with the latest information.”

Being part of Good Sports has also opened up the doors to so many grant opportunities which is fantastic for the growth and development of the club. Plus, they’re making changes around the club to improve all the time.

“It has also made us think twice about some types of fundraising. We have made lots of changes to the way we celebrate major milestones to make them safer.”

Passionate volunteers make the club go round

The club has some amazing volunteers who ensure that Onkas is able to provide the best playing experience for members.

One volunteer, Jill, has been with the Onkas Tennis and Netball club for almost 50 years. She has been a player, coach, umpire as well as being on the committee for most of that time.

“Jill is always the first to put her hand up to assist with fundraising or any other job that needs doing. She is constantly looking for new ways to improve our club,” said Katherine.

“Jill gives up so much of her time to helping our club and ensuring that our club is in the best financial position possible. This enables us to provide the best services to our members.”

“She works tirelessly for our community and is the reason Onkas Netball club is one of the biggest clubs in the hills.”

Looking towards the future, Katherine is also excited about new opportunities for the club.

“We’re exploring new ways we can include those young people who have learning difficulties and disabilities to access the sport of netball.”

The South Australian Good Sports team are excited to provide continued support to the Onkaparinga Tennis and Netball Club.

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