20th July, 2023 — fundraising

Angas Go-Kart Club bags $86,000: Get grant tips

As a community sporting club, you know the value of government funding, grants, donations, and sponsorships. But, how can you make the most of these opportunities to unlock your club’s full potential?

We asked some of our most successful Good Sports clubs to share their top tips in our three-part series.

Tammie is working hard at Angas Go-Kart Club

Tammie Tugwell is a loyal member of the Angas Go-Kart Club. She was awarded the 2022 Good Sports National Volunteer of the Year Award and the 2022 South Australian Good Sports Volunteer of the Year Award.

Over five years, Tammie has raised over $86,000 through fundraising, sponsorships, grants, and funding - on her own! Want to follow in Tammie’s footsteps? Read her top tips below.

Grants and funding: do your research and stay alert

“To start out, I just started Googling ‘grants for volunteers, not-for-profit organisations, and sporting clubs,’ and from there I found my way into State Government funding, Federal Government funding, and corporate community grants,” Tammie said.

“One of my key tips for keeping across funding and grant opportunities is to register to receive email alerts from grant finders such as Grant Guru and The Grants Hub, as well as from your local government area and council.

“Keep a list of projects and goals your club needs or wants to achieve, so that when a relevant funding opportunity pops-up, you can jump on it straight away. Always have the club documents you’ll need for your application handy and get quotes for everything.

“Look out for non-monetary grants too – for example, we recently received two refurbished computers through an equipment grant for not-for-profits.

“My advice is to try everything and anything because the worst you’re going to get is a ‘no,’ and you’re no worse off.”

Check out these Good Sport guides and resources to help your club find and win those grants!

Acknowledging your sponsors goes a long way

“The biggest thing any business wants is acknowledgement in their community for giving back. It’s not just that you want them to sponsor you, it’s what you can give them in return,” Tammie continued.

“Think about the different incentives you can offer a business based on the amount they sponsor you for, and make sure you deliver.

“We constantly acknowledge our sponsors, whether that’s on social media, our trophies, ribbons, and signage, or during an event.

“Utilise every free promotional tool you have – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great – and constantly tag your sponsors in posts on these platforms. This provides great value because you’re reaching so many different audiences.”

When it comes to fundraising, think outside the box

“The biggest thing with fundraising is to think outside the box – Australian Fundraising is a great place to start as it provides fundraising ideas that are unique, fun and easy,” Tammie added.

“For example, we’ve done a mystery auction twice now and have raised well over $1,200 each time, and that was with only 50 people in attendance.

“If monetary sponsorship is not possible for a local business, ask if they are able to donate towards your fundraising efforts instead – every little bit helps! Don’t forget to acknowledge them as a donor on social media.”

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