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Bayswater Tennis Club: A winning culture on show

A winning culture on show

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With a rising new generation of tennis stars, the Bayswater Tennis Club is building a caring club culture and now has signage displaying its policies for all to see.

The new indoor and outdoor notice boards have been purchased with the $1,000 prize money from the Perth club’s recent Good Sports win.

The family-oriented club won the state-wide prize for successfully obtaining Good Sports Level 3 accreditation for implementing policies around alcohol management, tobacco and safe transport.

Started in the 1950s, the busy club has 170 playing and 30 social members, and more than 500 juniors involved in the annual Tennis West Hot Shots program. Its focus is on the local community playing tennis, having fun and getting fit.
The club’s Membership Director, Theresa Paraszczyn, said that positive outcomes are being realised for the club’s community by being part of the Good Sports Program.

“The new noticeboards will allow us to display and promote our policies and the Good Sport posters to all our members, visitors and function room users. The non-smoking policy and stickers will be especially helpful in reminding everyone not to smoke in or near our facilities.”
Theresa said that the Good Sports signage shows everyone, especially parents, that the club is being proactive in providing a safe and trustworthy environment.

“Our junior base continues to grow, and everyone now has a contact if they need to raise any issues.”
Theresa said that the club has been with Good Sports since 2016, and that the accreditation process was easy to navigate, with the related questions in the documentation easy to answer.
“The Good Sports staff were available by email and telephone when I needed to ask them a question,” she said.
Good Sports Community Development Officer, Melissa Evans, said that the Bayswater Tennis Club should be proud of its achievement.

“The club recognises the importance of educating club members, particularly players, about the benefits of implementing policies in the areas of safe transport, smoking and alcohol. They’re a great family friendly club and Good Sports allows them to do this.
“We chose them as the West Australian winner because the notice boards will be a great way for them to promote Good Sports and its values to their members and visitors. They will also let members know what is expected of them via the policies and what the club is doing.”

Bayswater Tennis Club’s longer-term aim is to keep its membership base growing, allowing members and the public to enjoy the game of tennis and to provide a safe and well-run organisation for the community’s use. Being part of Good Sports is a winning platform for helping them achieve this goal.

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