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5 Reasons Kids Should Play Local Sport

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Saturday morning activities are almost a rite of passage for Aussie kids.

In the past year, nearly 70% of Australian children aged 0-14 years participated in some form of organised sport or physical activity outside of school hours.

And while for some kids playing sport or being part of a team is the most exciting part of any given week; for others, it’s a serious struggle.

Being a supportive parent and role-modelling the right behaviours for your kids will go a long way in helping them to see sport and other activities as a positive experience.

It might also help to explain some of the reasons why one day they will be thanking you.


  1. “Just think of all the friends you’ve made. You’ll thank me one day.”

There’s something about teamwork that builds lasting friendships. As teammates, you share wins, losses and laughs. It’s no coincidence that some of the most important friendships in your life are born at a community sporting club.


  1. “Being committed to a team is an important skill. You’ll thank me one day.”

Teamwork makes the dream work. Whether at work, school or in any other community, being a team player is important. Teamwork isn’t a skill we’re born with, it’s something we learn. Committing to a sports team is a great way to understand the values of teamwork and what it means to be a team player.


  1. “You can put this on your resume! You’ll thank me one day.”

Sure it might be (very) forward-thinking for younger kids, but the experience of being a member of a local sporting team will do wonders for any resume. Clubs teach teamwork, leadership and resilience – all qualities that prospective employees admire.


  1. “Success takes hard work and determination. You’ll thank me one day.”

There’s an old saying, ‘nothing worth having comes easy.’ In most cases, being successful comes down to good old fashioned hard work. Whether it’s piano lessons or basketball training, it’s important that kids make the link between practice and success.


  1. “You’re learning healthy habits for life. You’ll thank me one day.”

Research suggests that active kids are more likely to be active as adults. Setting the right health foundations early on will go a long way to set your kids up to live a fit and active lifestyle down the track.

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