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As part of our promise to Good Sports clubs, our team does our best to ensure clubs are prepared to react appropriately to a range of different incidents. Having club policies is an important part of this process.

At Level 1, we ask clubs to put together a documented position statement around no smoking.

By Level 2, we work with clubs to implement a Safe Transport Policy.

And at Level 3, clubs implement an Alcohol Management Policy.


Why are these policies important?


Having different policies in place at your club has heaps of benefits.

  • It’s a great way to set clear expectations for your members and guests.
  • Creating a policy will prepare your club to react appropriately to any incidents.Ti
  • A policy will reduce your club’s liability should an incident occur.
  • Having policies sends a clear message that you care about the safety of your club members and guests. This can increase membership and buy-in from the community.
  • Helps to uphold the reputation of the club, including club sponsors and partners.


How do I implement a policy at my club?


  1. Join Good Sports for access to Policy Templates.
  2. Find the appropriate Good Sports policy template.
  3. Put the policy on the agenda for your next club committee meeting.
  4. Adapt the policy to suit your club’s needs and expectations. Consult your Good Sports Representative if you need any help.
  5. Sign the policy and promote it across the club community.
  6. Send the finished policy to your Good Sports Representative to close off your Action Plan.


Tell me more about each policy.


The Smoke Free Policy

The Smoke Free Policy helps the club to meet its duty of care when it comes to the health and safety of members, volunteers and visitors. It recognises the risks associates with smoking, and the club’s important role in role-modelling appropriate behaviours and minimising the risks of second-hand smoke.


The Safe Transport Policy

This policy outlines the procedures and expectations of the club community when it comes to safe transport after club games, special events, functions and any other club-related activities where alcohol may be consumed.

Even if you don’t serve alcohol, you may have someone come to collect a child under the influence – so having a policy helps you know what to do in this kind of situation.

This type of policy can directly save lives. It helps to ensure that members and guests will plan their ride home, and ultimately get home in one piece.


The Alcohol Management Policy

No matter what the role of alcohol at your club, having an alcohol management policy is doing your bit when it comes to role-modelling the right behaviours for club members and guests.

Every club can be affected by this issue, even alcohol free clubs sometimes get visitors turning up with an esky to a match.

The policy will help to make sure that your club meets duty of care and will set clear expectations for members and guests. The result is a stronger club, that complies with liquor licensing procedures and is in a better position to uphold its reputation as a positive leader in the community.

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