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We love sport

Community sporting clubs play an important role in the community – that feeling of being part of something bigger, a member of the team.

At Good Sports, we understand that running a community sporting club is a lot of work and you may not have the time to do all the things you’d like.

We’re here to work with your club to achieve a positive, safe and healthy environment for players, members and volunteers.  We provide the resources and support you need to look out for your team and focus on creating positive experiences for your community on and off the field.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation

Good Sports is proudly run by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation is committed to preventing and minimising the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs in Australia. We work in partnership with others to support and create evidence-based policies and practices that build the capacity of communities to create meaningful change.

We know that every community is different. That’s why we work together with communities, drawing from their strengths and uniqueness to build greater understanding around the importance of harm prevention and minimisation.

Our work is proudly independent and supported by the latest evidence.

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Our Supporters

Good Sports, on behalf of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, wishes to thank our national funder for its support.

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