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Attracting and Retaining Volunteers – Webinar Recordings

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of many community sports clubs. Without these people it would not be possible for Good Sports clubs to support their local communities in the way they do.

Good Sports was pleased to present two webinars focusing on attracting and retaining volunteers. With community sport paused across the country for the past six months, many volunteers may have become disconnected from clubs.

These sessions focused on how to attract and retain volunteers as community sport restarts for the summer season.

A recording of each webinar, together with the presentation and a Toolkit are available below.

Both webinars were presented by Hazel Maynard, Volunteering Victoria.


Part 1: Attracting Volunteers

Topics covered:

  • Volunteer administration – what does a club need in place? ​
  • Creating a family-friendly environment where people want to volunteer​
  • Volunteer recruitment strategies​
  • How to attract volunteers​
  • Recruitment volunteer case studies​.

Watch Webinar 1

Slide deck Webinar 1

Part 2: Retaining Volunteers

Topics covered:

  • Volunteer retention strategies​
  • How to retain volunteers – especially parents when kids stop playing ​
  • Managing volunteers during lockdown/no community sport​
  • How to reward and recognise volunteer contributions​
  • Retention volunteer case studies.

Watch Webinar 2

Slide deck Webinar 2

Good Sports Volunteer Toolkit

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