Tackling Illegal Drugs Scenarios

We have developed a series of scenarios and recommended responses for your club to consider and be guided by during the process of developing your club’s Illegal drugs policy.

Please click on any of the below and consider these when developing your own club’s response to any scenarios that may arise that involve illegal drugs.

Scenario One – Wellbeing

The U17s coach has noticed a major change in Jamie’s behaviour and appearance. Jamie has been late to several games and is missing practice. Jamie also looks tired and stressed all the time. The coach has been informed that Jamie’s parents may drink heavily and take drugs at home.

Scenario Two – Rumours

Angelo is a member of the local sports club. The president of the club has heard stories about Angelo sharing drugs with other players in the car park.

Scenario Three – Visiting Team

The captain of the visiting team is found smoking a pipe with some team members from both teams in the change rooms after the match.

Scenario Four – Dealing

The soccer coach sees Amy handing pills out to her U18 team mates. The coach approaches and tells the girls what she has seen and asks what it is Amy has handed out them.

Scenario Five – Health Concern

Kelly, an 18-year-old, arrives at her basketball awards night acting very jittery, sweating heavily, and speaking quickly.

Scenario Six – Club Jurisdiction

A member of the club has observed James, senior captain of the cricket team receiving an on the spot fine from the police for possession of an illegal substance at the local pub on more than one occasion. How would it change if James were wearing his club uniform?

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