Tackling Illegal Drugs Resources

This is your one-stop shop to access all of the tools and resources you’ll need to develop and embed an illegal drugs policy at your club with ease.

If you think of something that’s missing or that would add value for your club, drop us a line at goodsports@adf.org.au and let us know.


Just click on any of the links below to access the resources.

Tackling Illegal Drugs program information
Tackling Illegal Drugs learning module
A Guide to Developing an Illegal Drugs Policy
Tackling Illegal Drugs Policy Template
Tackling Illegal Drugs Incident Register
Editable Tackling Illegal Drugs Poster
TID Policy Social Media Announcement Image
TID Policy Social Media Announcement Template
Flyer “why is a tackling illegal drugs policy important for your club”
Flyer “Why does our club need a tackling illegal drugs policy”
Tackling illegal drugs policy checklist
A quick guide to developing an illegal drugs policy
Responding to illegal drugs (poster) and Responding to illegal drugs
State-specific support service posters
Promotional Resources (poster and social media post templates)

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