Cairns Stingrays Swimming Club

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For Australians, learning to swim is an important part of childhood. It’s a skill that helps to keep us safe in beaches, rivers and backyard pools.

At Cairns Stingrays Swimming Club, they’ve taken it a step further. With a focus on fun, coaches and club members are using swimming to teach life skills, helping kids in and out of the water.

Encouraging ‘self-improvement, self-belief and self-discipline’ is at the core of the club values. This local club is determined to make a difference.

For over 20 years, locals have donned the signature lime green and black togs representing the Stingrays from state swim meets to the Olympic Games.

Today, it’s a club with 73 active swimming members – one of the largest and most successful in the region.

According to club Secretary Natalie Grainer, the club has worked hard to achieve its standing in the local community.

“We like that we have a reputation for being a fun club and strongly believe that inclusion and involvement of our young members with our older ones is the best path to ongoing success.”

Joining Good Sports helped to give the Stingrays structure. Speaking on behalf of the club committee, Natalie says that the program ensured they remained focused on their end game – to promote a healthy lifestyle beyond the pool.

Strategies include training members in the responsible service of alcohol, reminding parents of their responsibility as role-models and having a safe transport policy in place for club celebrations.

The club has also transformed their canteen, providing healthier food and drink options as part of their participation in the Good Sports Healthy Eating program.

“Our ‘Stingrays Salad Bar’ has become quite famous,” Natalie explains, “each family brings a salad and the club provides the meat.

“We find ourselves with very little meat on the plate which is loaded up with delectable fresh salads!”

It’s a change that has been embraced by parents, kids and the entire community.

Being a part of the program has not only made the entire club community more health aware, it’s also helped to secure the club funding through grant applications and increased membership.

As recognition of their commitment to Good Sports and the wellbeing of the local community, the Cairns Stingrays was celebrated as the Queensland Good Sports Club of the Year in 2017.

It’s just another accolade for the entire club community to be proud of.

“We are a loud, proud group that embraces our differences – Good Sports have helped us to achieve that pride in what we are doing.”

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