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For over 40 years, the Palmwoods Warriors have been kicking goals for their local community. They’ve been providing a family-friendly environment that everyone in the area can enjoy. It’s a club where skills, characters and friendships flourish; and according to the hard-working club committee, this family-friendly feel is the reason for the club’s success. For the Palmwoods Warriors, joining the nibfoundation‘s Good Sports Junior program was a no brainer. Good Sports aligned with their family-friendly club values. It made sense to join a program that was committed to inspiring healthier members and a stronger club community.

A history of being a family-friendly sports club

“We continually have a growing number of kids join our club and that is due to the history of being a family-friendly club.”

The spirit at Palmwoods is strong. And while many sporting clubs struggle to attract volunteers, Palmwoods is bursting with enthusiastic parents happy to help out where they can. “Without volunteers, the club would not exist. It’s so much easier for everyone when people are happy to give up even half an hour of their time.” This generosity can be credited to the Warriors’ incredible team spirit.

Training ground for our country’s future champions.

The committee makes sure to meet all parents of the children involved in the club. They get to know them and help to make sure that they feel involved in the club community. The result is a family-friendly club, where parents can enjoy the benefits of being a part of a club just as much as the kids.

“When they feel welcome at the grounds, families will come back again and again to support their children while they play; and what kids don’t want that?”


After all, local sporting clubs are the training ground for our country’s future champions. Clubs like the Warriors are leading the way, helping to ensure that every junior feels connected and a part of the Palmwoods team.


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