Vaping’s a hot topic right now. In fact, a lot’s being said about vaping and its effects - but there’s lots of conflicting and confusing information out there.

So, make sure you have all the latest, evidence-based facts to share with your club members.

Is vaping nicotine harmful?

Yes. Nicotine vapour contains chemicals and additives hazardous to your health.

Are e-liquids dangerous?

Yes, they contain hazardous chemicals. Even those labelled 'nicotine-free' can contain nicotine and additives toxic to young people.

Can vaping lead to dependence?

Yes. Many vapes contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance.

Do vapes contain nicotine?

Yes. Many contain nicotine - even if it's not displayed on the packaging

Is vaping risky?

Yes, vapour contains several cancer-causing agents, as well as chemicals that can cause DNA damage.

Is vaping bad for your lungs?

Yes. Vaping has been linked to serious lung disease.

More information on vaping

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