How to raise funds for your club

If changes to your bar (like ceasing the Happy Hour) is expected to significantly impact bar sales or your club is looking for a new revenue source, keep an eye out for grant opportunities. You can also consider having a dedicated fundraising event during the year such as a trivia night or social night as an alternative to raise money for the club.

Alternatives to alcohol prize: Having prizes that are not solely alcohol makes it more inclusive for people who choose not to drink or people who are unable to drink alcohol, for example, a pregnant person or young people. If you have alcohol gifts or awards (i.e. a bottle of wine or a 6-pack) consider adding other items such as food, a non-alcoholic gift voucher or include it as part of a hamper. This takes the focus away from alcohol. It is also a way to reward members without encouraging them to drink alcohol. Find out more alternatives to alcohol prizes.

Fundraising ideas: Out of fundraising ideas? We’ve got you covered. The Good Sports resource ‘Club Fundraising Kit’ provides alternatives to selling alcohol for revenue raising. Use these healthy, innovative and fun fundraising ideas to help your club to raise those much-needed dollars.

Applying for grants: Volunteers are the lifeblood of any club, but funding keeps the lights on. Writing up a funding submission takes time and can be stressful. Here are some great links to funding opportunities, plus shortcuts you can use to develop an excellent grant application

Need some extra support?

Good Sports have developed a series of four webinars focusing on how you can raise funds and look after your sponsors to secure a more sustainable financial future for your club. Topics included corporate partnerships and sponsorship management, grants, community fundraising and digital fundraising ideas. Access our fundraising smarts videos and toolkits

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