How to manage alcohol and smoking at your club

Through our Good Sports program, we can assist clubs to come up with safe alcohol management strategies and practices in preparation for the shortened season. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Draft Alcohol Guidelines recommend drinking no more than four standard drinks on a single occasion to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm or injury.   

By managing alcohol responsibly at your club, you are protecting against the potential harms associated with alcohol. An alcohol management policy is a free component of the Good Sports program. Get in touch with the Good Sports team to discuss an alcohol management policy for your club 

Download the ‘managing alcohol at your club’ resource

Alcohol and smoking management guidelines for your state 

So many rules, so little time. Good Sports is across the everyday regulations around alcohol and smoking management and has put them in one place to make life a little easier. Find out more.

RSA refresher course  

Did you know that you can complete an RSA refresher course, watch videos and take a quiz? Click on your state to begin. 

*link is not state specific. 

Government liquor licence compliance signs 

Have you got the correct signs displayed in your bar? Click on your state to access signage. 



To make sure your club can provide a safe environment for members, it’s important to implement safe transport practices. As a club or association, it’s part of your duty of care to provide or recommend a way for your members to get home safely. This helps reduce any risk of drink driving, injury or worse. Keep your club and community safe by promoting a few simple road safety strategies.

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