How to host a safe club celebration

With limited volunteer capacity and a condensed season, it is worth considering how events and bar trade can be managed safely.

Responsible drinking

It is recommended that clubs limit the number of free drinks at events. Having unlimited drinks at events can encourage members to drink more, or drink more rapidly, than they usually would in a night. Each additional drink can increase the risk of injury for the drinker and may place others at risk of harm.

  • Instead of cheap drinks: Try discounted prices for low-alcoholic drinks. Consider having non-alcoholic and low-strength alcoholic drinks at least 10% cheaper than full strength alcoholic drinks. Having cheaper low-strength drinks makes them more attractive and accessible to club members and visitors.
  • Instead of Happy Hour: Try offering meal deals rather than ‘Happy Hours’, or a meal and drink combo deal. Happy Hours can encourage people to drink more than what they usually would in a shorter period.
  • Serve substantial food: It is recommended that clubs provide substantial food for a period of time when the bar is open, as it can help slow the rate of intoxication for patrons. Substantial food ideas that you can store easily include tinned or instant soup, frozen meals and instant pasta. Find out more about substantial food options.

Safe celebrations

We know that sporting clubs rely on registrations, social events, functions, sponsorship and bar trade to bring in revenue. With limited volunteer capacity and a condensed season, it is worth considering how events and bar trade can be managed safely. It may be beneficial to have a discussion with the committee about the plans for upcoming fundraising/social nights and developing a plan to manage bar trade.

  • Safe Celebrations Guide: Whether it’s a friendly catch-up in the clubrooms after the game, a victory lap to mark a convincing win or the big end-of-season party, everyone wants their members to have a good time and stay safe. It doesn’t happen by accident. Clubs need to bring everyone on board, so members understand the kind of behavior that is expected and what won’t be tolerated. Here are some guidelines to make it happen.
  • Safe Celebrations Tips: Simple steps that everyone can follow to keep the party going but without the hangover. No one wants to be faced with injuries, broken furniture or damage to a club’s good name because things got out of hand. If you are organising a club celebration or just taking part, being prepared is half the battle won. Practical tips to share with your members for a safe celebration are here.


To make sure your club can provide a safe environment for members, it’s important to implement safe transport practices. As a club or association, it’s part of your duty of care to provide or recommend a way for your members to get home safely. This helps reduce any risk of drink driving, injury or worse. Keep your club and community safe by promoting a few simple road safety strategiesStick this poster up in your club rooms to encourage club members and guests to get home safely.

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