Healthy food and drink options and safe canteen practices

Contactless payment: minimise the risk of community transmission, try contactless payment in your bar and/or canteen. Tap-and-go credit card readers are a great, cheap option. Find out more here.

Hand Wash Posters & Safe Food Handling training: It’s important that your club helps stop the spread of germs within your community by promoting correct hand hygiene methods and providing free online Safe Food Handling training for those volunteering in the canteen or at the BBQ.

Poster: Have you washed your hands?

Hydration for junior sport: Water is not only hydrating and cost-effective, it helps to improve athletic performance. Click here to see recommended fluid intakes for children.

Quick and easy healthy options for the BBQ and canteen: Having healthy BBQ options doesn’t have to be expensive. Check-out some great healthy options to consider putting on your menu, or use this sample menu as inspiration for a healthier canteen.

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