Safely restarting your season

Eyes back on the ball

It’s been a long time comingAs clubs start planning how to get back out onto their grounds and into their clubrooms, a lot of questions are being asked – and answers can be hard to find.  

After a big break, the job of restarting any season might seem overwhelming. Especially with players to recruit, volunteers to find, training to organise, matches to schedule. Now, on top of the usual hurdles, there are COVID-safe rules to follow.   

That’s why Good Sports has compiled this set of resources to take some of the worry and confusion out of planning your season and ensure everyone can safely celebrate a return to the sport they love.  

Getting started

Don’t know where to begin? Have a look at our short video, Sport is Back, to help get you on your way. 

State by state restarting guidelines

Every state and territory has different restrictions in place and rules for community sporting clubs to follow as the season starts. What works in Queensland, for instance, might not be appropriate for Tasmania or the ACT. Here is the link you can follow to find your state’s guidelines, posters and other resources to support during COVID 

Applying for grants 

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any club, but funding keeps the lights onWriting up a funding submission takes time and can be stressful. So here are some great links to funding opportunities plus shortcuts you can use to develop an excellent grant application 

Safe celebration guide

Whether it’s a friendly catch-up in the clubrooms after the game, a victory lap to mark a convincing win or the big end-of-season party, everyone wants their members to have a good time and stay safe. It doesn’t happen by accident. Clubs need to bring everyone on board, so members understand the kind of behavior that is expected and what won’t be tolerated. Here are some guidelines to make it happen. 

Safe celebration tips

Simple steps that everyone can follow to keep the party going but without the hangover. No one wants to be faced with injuries, broken furniture, or damage to a club’s good name because things got out of hand. If you are organising a club celebration or just taking part, being prepared is half the battle won. Practical tips to share with your members for a safe celebration are here 

More handy resources 

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