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Every club has their own unique culture and community. Being a Good Sports club and displaying your affiliation helps level the playing field to show your club promotes a responsible attitude towards alcohol. It shows you provide a safe environment for players, members, families and supporters.

Here are helpful tips on being a responsible Good Sports club:


Get your Liquor Licencing in order

  • Ensure the Club Committee or individual Liquor Nominee understands the club’s license conditions
  • Encourage your Club Committee and/or individual Nominee to attend a Club Liquor Licensing Seminar, which includes New Entrant training recoginsed by Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR)
  • Where a club has an individual as Liquor Nominee listed on the club’s liquor license, make sure their contact details are up-to-date
  • Clearly display your club’s current Liquor License for all members and visitors to see
  • Display current State/Territory Liquor License signage, including a sign at appropriate exits that states ‘No alcohol beyond this point’


Ensure your bar is managed safely

  • All Bar servers are encouraged to attend Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) training
  • Display current RSA trained member names on the Good Sports template
  • Club nominee(s) are to retain a copy of all RSA trained members certificates
  • Have a copy of the floor plan clearly displaying the ‘red line’ licensed area of the club facility
  • Have a ‘bar incident register’ for all bar staff to complete if need be
  • Ensure all opposition teams and support crew sign a non-members guests book and are noted within club constitution and listed as ‘members for the day’ whilst at the club
  • Encourage responsible management and consumption of liquor at all times
  • Your Good Sports club refrains from events that encourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol



  • Provide mid, light and non-alcoholic alternatives
  • Ensure water is accessible free of charge (where available)
  • Provide a range of snacks and food



The club encourages safe transport practices, which can include:

  • Designated driver program
  • Key register
  • Taxi vouchers as prizes
  • Taxi numbers clearly displayed
  • Free call service for taxis
  • Free club transport
  • Free non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers
  • Free bar snacks for designated drivers
  • Free non-alcoholic drinks for bar servers
  • Free bar snacks for bar servers



Non-smoking areas include internal spaces and entrance/exit doorways

Non-smoking stickers are displayed is these areas


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