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Fact-sheet: Taking The Focus Off Alcohol When Fundraising

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Fundraising is always a tough task in the community sports club setting. Traditionally, clubs often relied heavily on alcohol consumption to raise money with raffles, bar prizes and social events revolving around drinking commonplace.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite activities for fundraising, without the alcohol!


Movie nights

Hire out the local cinema and sell tickets to club members, supporters and the local community for $30 a pop. Ask a few members to bake some goodies to make it worth the extra cost to movie-goers. After the venue hire you’d make around $2,400 on a 120 seat cinema. Not bad for one afternoon!


Kids clinics

You’d be surprised how many littlies are keen to try out their favourite sport before they are old enough for the junior team. Hold a kids clinic at your club using some of your best players to teach the little ones how to play. Finish off a skills session with a quick game, invite the parents to stick around for a BBQ lunch. Now you’ve got new fans likely to choose your club first when it comes time for juniors.


Promote your events

Whatever event or fundraising activity you decide to run for your club, it’s not much good if no-one knows about it! Make sure to promote each event amongst your own club members. Let your supporters know with signage in the club rooms, Facebook event invites and announcements after each game.

If you want to make your event even bigger, contact your local newspaper. See if they’ll do a write-up promoting your event. For family-day style events and activities like the Kids clinic outlined above, why not contact the local school. See if they’ll promote the event in their newsletter.


One last tip to remember: You’d be surprised how many local businesses are willing to contribute to a good cause. If you’re running a fundraising event for your club, always ask for food and prizes to be donated or discounted before you resort to paying full price.

Does your club run successful fundraising campaigns and events? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Send us your story and some photos and we’ll pop them up on the Good Sports website. Not only will your story help provide other clubs with tips and ideas, but you’ll be getting a chance to showcase your good work. Click here to send us your story.

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