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Keys to Safe Transport

Getting to and from club games and events with safe transport practices is an important part of having a responsible, healthy environment for members. As part of your club’s duty of care you should provide a way for members to get home safely to eliminate any risk of drink driving, injury or worse.

Good Sports clubs are encouraged to implement as many strategies from the following list as possible:

• Designated driver program

Arranged designated drivers to commit to being responsible

transport home from club functions whenever alcohol is being

services/consumed for other club member from their area

• Key register

All members who drive to the club function are to registered their

car keys to the bar staff. The bar staff are responsible to ensure all

members who have left their keys with them are in a fit shape to

drive home

• Taxi vouchers as prizes

In place of bottles, six-packs and slabs as player prizes

• Taxi numbers clearly displayed

Provide a list of local taxi companies for members to call after a club function

• Free call service for taxis

• Free club transport: Does your club have a mini-bus or member transport?

• Incentives like Free non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers

• Free bar snacks for designated drivers

• Free non-alcoholic drinks for bar servers

• Free bar snacks for bar servers

These options make it easier for members to get home without having to drive, especially when designated drivers receive free non-alcohol drinks and bar snacks. This gives some recognition and reward to ‘doing the right thing.’

Clubs must also produce a Safe Transport Policy to identify what safe transport practices have been adopted. It is recommended that you consult and involve club members in this process. A Safe Transport Policy is available for accredited Good Sports clubs and can be obtained by simply emailing a request through to goodsports@adf.org.au

A club can create awareness of this policy with members in a variety of ways:

•  Your Club website

•  Players manual

•  Newsletter

•  Notice-board

•  Verbally at meetings and club functions.


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