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There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking – family, friends, health benefits, even the costs involved. Tobacco smoke interferes with the body’s ability to function, but recent statistics show that smoking is still socially acceptable, with one in five adults smoking (20%) in 2007-08 down from 23% in 2004-05′.

But here’s just one more good reason to give up the cigarettes – you will perform better on game day.

  • Your lungs work less efficiently and cannot absorb the amount of oxygen that a body requires to function. Tobacco smoke contains a chemical (carbon monoxide) that prevents the blood stream picking up oxygen.
  • Tobacco smoke contains other chemicals that also affect the circulation of blood, restricting blood vessels so they are less able to carry oxygen when your body is burning up large amounts of energy.
  • If you smoke, your body will have less fuel and the little fuel it has is not transported to those areas that need it when you are playing sport. As a result of this smokers tend to have less energy and find it hard to keep high levels of fitness. At first you may not notice much difference, but the more you smoke and the longer you smoke the more you will notice it having an effect on you.


Where do you start?

1. Find your reasons to quit and set up a Quit plan

2. Figure out the cost of smoking

3. Know what smoking does to your body

4. Clubs, support your members and guests to Quit by putting in place a Smoking Management Policy.


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