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Healthier foods don’t need to be a hard sell! Your club can promote health and wellbeing while maintaining the sales and profitability of your canteen. Start by identifying your best-sellers then focus on gradually removing less popular unhealthy options, replacing these with tasty healthier options. Take a look at some simple strategies that clubs are using to promote and sell their healthier food and drink options.


Make your healthier options look tasty and appealing
  • In addition to the standard fruit bowl, try fun apple slinkies, fruit cups or skewers.
  • Make your food displays colourful and fresh, drawing attention to the healthier items.
  • Label your products so your customers know what they will be biting into.


Make your healthier options clearly visible
  • Place bottled water and healthy options at eye level in your drinks/display fridge.
  • Position your fresh fruit and other fresh items on the counter top or at the point of sale.
  • Hang up your menu as a poster and draw attention to your healthy options by using large, bold writing.
  • Reduce your total number of unhealthy items/varieties to make room for and promote your healthier choices – for example, look to reduce your 5 soft drink flavours to the 3 most profitable. This will allow greater fridge space for water, milk poppers or 96-99% fruit juice poppers.


Be aware of your prices – make the healthy choice affordable
  • Price favourably toward the healthier options. For example, making water cheaper than sugary drinks – pricing paired with prominent placement of bottled water has the potential for greater sales and profits.
  • Offer low-cost healthier options, such as air-popped popcorn or UHT low-fat milk varieties.


Use promotions to bundle healthier options
  • Incorporate a weekly or biweekly healthy meal deal. For example, fruit toast plus tea or coffee for $5.
  • Ensure your fresh, healthy options (such as sandwiches or wraps) sell on the day by offering them as part of a meal deal.
  • Offer a piece of fruit and bottle of water at a discounted price with the purchase of a particular item.


Tap into customer demand and make sure you ask for feedback!
  • Consider the range of non-healthy options at your canteen – do all of the items sell well? Keep your best-sellers, but as stock runs out, replace your least popular unhealthy items with healthier options.
  • Find out what your customers are thinking – ask them about what healthy options they purchase, what they want to see on the menu or at half-time. This may give you some more ideas about other ways you can promote your healthier options.


Find out more about the Good Sports Healthy Eating program and register your club’s interest here.

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