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Providing healthier food and drink options at your club is brilliant role-modelling, a potential draw-card for new members and a great way to offer a healthier environment for everyone! Take a look at these common, unhealthy canteen items and our suggestions for modifying or exchanging them for a healthier alternative. You can find more inspiration online at Finish with the Right Stuff or in our fact sheet with ideas for healthier options in your canteen.

Find out more about the Good Sports Healthy Eating program and register your club’s interest here.

 The Usual A Healthier Alternative
 Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls Meat Pies and sausage rolls Try to choose a lower salt and lower saturated fat variety such as Mrs Macs Good Eating Range or Four N Twenty Lite.
Pizza Homemade Mini Pizzas Use English breakfast muffins or pita bread as bases, a spoon of tomato paste and add toppings such as lean meat, cheese and vegetables.
 Hot Dog Hot Dog with Extras Choose a lower salt and lower saturated fat hot-dog variety. Add healthy extras such as cooked onions, cooked or fresh tomato, shredded lettuce and low-fat cheese.
 Chicken Nuggets Chicken Nugget Wrap Choose a crumbed lean chicken or breast chicken product, cook and serve in a wrap with plenty of salad and some reduced fat mayonnaise or hummus.
Sausage in Bread Sausage in bread Choose a lean, lower salt sausage. Offer with fried onion, fresh lettuce and tomato on wholemeal bread or wraps.
 Spring Roll Rice Paper Rolls or Sushi Try a different, popular alternative. Packed with vegies, these make a great snack or meal.
Potato Chips/ Scallops/ Gems Tasty potatoes Avoid deep frying your potatoes and try cooking some chat potatoes by steaming them on the stove or microwave. You can also slice the potatoes and grill the on the BBQ or oven bake them. Serve with some reduced-fat cheese or margarine, lemon and chives.
 Nachos Nachos Try making your own Mexican bean mix using canned tomato, corn, kidney beans, onion and spices. Choose plain corn chips for the nachos and if purchasing a salsa, choose a low-salt, tomato variety. You can also use the Mexican bean mix for a tasty burrito: using a wrap and plenty of salad. Freeze any left-overs for the following week. Low-fat cheese can be kept in the fridge or freezer. These can be cooked in the microwave or oven.
Toasted Sandwich Toasted Sandwich Add some veggies such as tomato or mushroom with your lean meat and cheese. Use wholemeal, wholegrain or high-fibre bread or wraps. Put a spin on the usual – try filling with baked beans, or spinach and feta. Try making them in advance and freezing. Individual sandwiches can be taken out of the freezer for toasting on demand.
 Ice-blocks/sticks Icy Cups Half fill your cups with 100% fruit juice and top up with water. Freeze for a few hours and they are ready to go! Keep frozen for up to 3 months.

Frozen Fruit Salad and Yoghurt Blend together your leftover fruit salad with some reduced fat yoghurt and freeze in ice cube trays. Serve in a clear cup.

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