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For clubs that operate a canteen intermittently, it can be difficult to offer healthy fresh food options that may go off or spoil – but it is still possible to offer healthy options in your canteen. We have some suggestions for healthier food and drink options at your canteen that won’t leave you with a rubbish bin full of fresh food.


Consider long-life products and pre-packaged items that can be stored easily
  • Offer long-life products, such as canned/packaged fruit in 100% fruit juice, UHT (long life) low-fat milk poppers instead of fresh milk, small packets of dried fruit & nuts and cheese & cracker packs.
  • Bag individual portions that are ready for sale, such as bags of popcorn or dried fruit and nut mix.


If you have access to one, make use of the freezer
  • Cook in bulk then freeze in small portions or multiple containers ready to re-heat as required. You don’t want to have to defrost more than you need as you cannot re-freeze thawed food.
  • Cut up and freeze left over fruit to sell as snacks: like fruit cups, skewers, or use for smoothies. Blend with yoghurt to make fruit and yoghurt ice-blocks.
  • Freeze left over bread.
  • Use frozen vegetables or freeze leftover cooked vegetables to use later.


Store food appropriately – correct storage can ensure the maximum life of your foods
  • Store dry foods in air-tight containers and in cool, dry areas.
  • Store vegetables loosely in the crisper drawer of the fridge.
  • Leave fruits such as bananas, apricots and pears to ripen at room temperature, then refrigerate. Some fruits are best stored in the fridge straight away, such as berries and grapes.


Reduce the number of options and promote what is on offer
  • Reducing the number of varieties can help to manage stock, reduce waste and decrease canteen expenditure for stock. A spin-off is that it can help manage your queues as people have less choices to deliberate.
  • Promote what is on offer by using signs, discounts or meal deals – this will help reduce waste and also ensure you still get a sale.
  • Try using social media to let your players and members know of the healthy options available.


Find out more about the Good Sports Healthy Eating program and register your club’s interest here.

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