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Upon registration in the Good Sports Program, each participating club agrees to be bound by the following terms of participation. The Club is required to continually comply with the criteria for each level of accreditation.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) may choose to vary the accreditation criteria. Should a variation to the accreditation criteria be made the Club will be notified.

The ADF shall use its best endeavours to promote the Program and associated brand awareness to enable the Club to maximise the benefits from being involved in the Program.

The ADF shall provide the opportunity for the Club to access support, which will enable the Club to meet the Program requirements. Support may in clude, but not be limited to, an assigned project officer, information resources, relevant forums or contact with other accredited Clubs

This document covers:

  • Withdrawal and termination
  • Time frames
  • Logo and signage
  • Independent nominee
  • Research
  • Privacy

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