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Alcohol is often used by sporting clubs as a prize for raffles or best player awards. Whether it is a slab of beer or a bottle of spirits, using alcohol as a prize can send the wrong message to club members and as such should be discouraged.

The following is a list of alternatives to alcohol as a prize for best players (many of these would also be appropriate for raffle prizes). These are all relatively easy to obtain and most would cost less than $25. Naturally clubs will use options they are able to obtain from organisations/people with a link to the club.

  • Movie tickets/vouchers
  • Dinner for one/two at local restaurant
  • Taxi voucher to a certain value (to encourage safe transport)
  • Pewter mug
  • Trophy/Medallion
  • Food voucher for canteen
  • Ticket to sporting event/venue
  • DVD/Book/iTunes voucher
  • Sports Shop voucher
  • Netflix voucher
  • Haircut voucher
  • Take away food voucher
  • Petrol voucher
  • Car clean (inside and out)
  • Hampers
  • Gym passes
  • Session with a personal trainer
  • Club clothing or merchandise (for home team)

Please contact the National office on 1300 883 817 for more information or a copy of the Fundraising Kit.

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