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GS Fundraising Toolkit Part 2


Good Sports Fundraising Toolkit Part 1


Lost your bounce?


Mental Health Poster png

Mental health information for your social media or website.


Mental health conversation flow

Download the online version…


Social media toolkit

Social media is a really great way to share updates, facilitate conversations and engage with members and the community. This…


Managing alcohol in your club


Volunteer Toolkit


#staychatty Social Media Post

Social Media post images  …


Mental Health Poster pdf


Promoting healthy canteen options

A health promoting canteen actively promotes better food and drink options.


Substantial Food Information Sheet

Having substantial food available at your club when you serve or consume alcohol can help to reduce intoxication and assist…

Healthy Eating – Finish with the right stuff

Download the following healthy eating resources: Serve safe food poster…


Healthy BBQ ideas


Displaying healthy food and drinks

Promoting your healthier food and drink options is essential to popularise these items. Below are some strategies to assist your…


Junior – Promote healthy options checklist

Encourage healthy eating by making more fruit, vegetables and water available at your canteens and BBQs while reducing fatty and…


Junior – Alcohol-Free poster


Junior – Program overview

Creating positive club cultures…

Junior – It’s their game poster

Download the poster…


Junior – whiteboard print


Good Sports junior club poster

Promote your participation in the program…


Hydration for junior sport

Water is the best drink to keep you hydrated. Tips for staying hydrated and improving sports performance: Sip…

Guide to developing an Illegal Drugs Policy

Having an illegal drugs policy shows that your club is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment, and demonstrates…


TID Program information

The Tackling Illegal Drugs program helps clubs to implement strategies, policies, and responses around illegal drugs.

Families & Strengthening clubs

Good Sports works with community sporting clubs to create healthier, safer, family-friendly environments where participation and fun go hand in…

Good Sports overview

A program of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, Good Sports aims to build stronger communities by championing positive change and…

Alcohol and Smoking Management Guidelines

The following resources were developed as guides for each state on the Liquor Licensing and Smoking Licensing requirements for your…


Go Next Level – Level 3 Club Social Media Announcement Toolkit


Go Next Level – Level 2 Club Social Media Announcement Toolkit


Go next level flyer (for members)


Go Next Level – Level 1 Club Social Media Announcement Toolkit

Go next level- Good Sports posters

Go next level poster- Football Go next level poster- Soccer Go next level poster- Lawn bowls…


Go next level- Good Sports flyer


Go next level- Good Sports information

Good Sports Information Sheet

TID Poster & Social Media Templates

The promotional resources have been developed for clubs to share their TID policy. How clubs can use this: Print out…


Poster: Responding to illegal drugs

The Responding to illegal drugs poster and full version provides guidance on what to do if a drug-related incidence occurs.

Poster: AOD Support services

The support services provide a list of alcohol and drug support services within each state. How clubs can use this:…

Fact-Sheet: A quick guide to developing an illegal drugs policy

A quick guide to developing an illegal drugs policy is the condensed version of ‘a guide to developing an…


Toolkit: Tackling illegal drugs policy checklist

The Tackling illegal drugs policy checklist provides clubs with a simple overview of the steps involved in completing a TID…


Fact-Sheet: Why does our club need a tackling illegal drugs policy

The “Why does our club need a tackling illegal drugs policy” flyer supports clubs with letting their community know they…


Flyer: Why is a tackling illegal drugs policy important for your club

The “why is a tackling illegal drugs policy important for your club” flyer provides an understanding of why a TID…


Poster: Do You Need a Hand?

The Do You Need a Hand editable poster has been developed so you can provide your members and guests with…


Poster: Recruit Volunteers

Volunteer Recruitment Poster: Being a volunteer comes with plenty of benefits. Use this poster to help recruit new volunteers to…


Fact-sheet: Celebrate Volunteers

Volunteers are awesome – they give up their time and energy to make a local sports club better, and that’s…


Fact-Sheet: Marketing your Canteen

The Marketing Your Canteen Fact-Sheet Promote healthy items with these quick tips and tricks.


Fact-sheet: Sample BBQ Menu

The Sample BBQ Menu A healthier canteen doesn’t have to mean a loss for your club. Use this sample BBQ…


Poster: Winners Drink Water

  The Winners Drink Water Poster: Stick this poster up in your club rooms to promote water as the drink…


Poster: Get Home Safe

  The Get Home Safe Poster: Whether on the back of bathroom doors, or near the exit, stick this poster…


Toolkit: Club Social Media Kit

  The Social Media Toolkit: Social Media is a great way to share updates, facilitate conversations and engage with members…

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