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Redpa and Gungahlin are staying social online

News & Events / Redpa and Gungahlin are staying social online

We chatted to two community clubs this week – Gungahlin United FC and Redpa FC . They’re taking to social media to help encourage their members and guests to stay socially connected and physically active.  

Clubs are temporarily closed, and the sporting calendar suspended. It’s not business as usual for local sports. But across Australia, there are clubs finding fun ways to maintain a meaningful connection with their community. A challenge amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.  

Gungahlin United FC

Like many clubs, the Gungahlin United Football Club (GUFC) has now managed to make light of the delay in the 2020 season kicking-off.  

To keep the spirit alive, the team has turned to social media to share their activities. The youngsters have been showing off their home #isoskills in a compilation YouTube video.  

The Women’s Senior League edited together a video of them ‘virtually’ kicking toilet paper to their team-mates. Gungahlin has been busy entertaining their Facebook community by showcasing home-grown talent and humour.  

Since joining the Good Sports program in 2013. GUFC has always taken a proactive approach to building a positive and connected club culture.  

GUFC Chief Executive Neil Harlock recognises that “it is particularly important at this time for people to stay healthy and connected to the club.” 

“It’s a challenging time for sports clubs but we’re doing what we can. Using social media, our website, eNewsletters, GUTV and our brand new Gungahlin United Football Magazine to connect our members and get them moving in a really fun way,” Head of Corporate Affairs Leanne Shea Langdown added.  

Redpa Football Club

Redpa Australian Football Club of Tasmania is 2019’s Good Sports Club of the Year. Its committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive club culture. Even now, the club now continues to prioritise the health and wellbeing of their members.  

The club has recently encouraged their members to join a photo challenge. Players past and present are proudly posting photos of themselves in their Redpa Guernsey. They’re determined to keep the red pride running high. The club encourages younger players to share videos of themselves practicing their footy skills at home.  

Club President Shane Hine commented on just how important it is for their Redpa members to stay connected with others. And social media is the perfect platform to do so.  

“It’s been a really good way of encouraging our junior members to stay active. To keep up their ball skills and to feel like they are part of the club. Even though we can’t train or play together at the moment,” he said.  


How is your club staying connected? Keep us up to date by adding #GoodSports to your social media posts. 

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