Information for committee members

Information for committee members about the program, why your club should join. Plus, a discussion paper ready to take to the next meeting.

Club members scoring game

Good friends, good times, good health, close contests, thrilling wins, personal achievements. That’s the stuff community sporting clubs are made of.

People don’t join a sporting club because they want to spend their spare time formulating policies and procedures.

But someone has to do it. If you are among the good souls who have put their hand up for a stint at running the club, we have good news. Good Sports is tailor-made to make your off-field life much easier.

Your club is a role model and leader in the community and will be even more so once you bring the Good Sports advantage to your club.

Drawcard for members

The benefits of Good Sports include:

  • volunteers are engaged
  • members and sponsors are attracted
  • helps clubs comply with legal requirements
  • free access to program staff, tools and resources.

Here’s what members said about how and why they chose to join a Good Sports club:

Rhiannon We choose our clubs because my children love the sports/activities; they are something our whole family can be a part of and enjoy; the people at those clubs become like family.”

Jo: The Benalla Rovers provided a collective role model for my family. Teaching them about commitment, community involvement, fun and fitness.”

Corralee: “[Our family joined a club] to allow my boys to play among friends. However, we have found a family club which we all now love so much and all members of our family, including grandparents, are welcomed, included, celebrated.”

Save time

Importantly for club organisers, there are also huge time-saving advantages. Good Sports has done all the planning and strategic thinking. It takes the guesswork out of creating a policy.

The Good Sports online program makes sure your club is on the right side of the law with things like liquor licensing and smoking regulations. You’ll get support on topics like mental health.

It’s designed to cater for all different types of clubs, big and tiny, with alcohol and without. It’s easy to follow.

It gives clubs a simple set of rules in writing, which can easily be explained to members, parents, supporters, sponsors and the wider community.

Talk about it with the team

You know joining the God Sports program makes good sense. But decision making is a team effort too.

Here is a discussion paper you can print out or email to the rest of the committee ahead of the next meeting.

Also check out our flyer for committee members and print out the FAQ sheet for answers to questions that people in the room may have.