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Because of her, we can

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This NAIDOC week we’re celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and the amazing contributions they make to our communities.

Dawn Likouresis is a proud Aboriginal woman living in Coober Pedy, South Australia that works tirelessly to support, create opportunities, educate and honour cultural traditions.

As well as that, she’s also a mother, mentor, manager! Dawn heads up Lakeyres Sporting Group, leading the coordination of sports teams for young people in the area. Dawn is instrumental in bringing the Port Augusta community together through sport, believing that everyone should give it a go.

“Dawn’s efforts have helped the youth of today have something they care about, helped us learn dedication, commitment and how to be a part of a team!”

As a well-respected member of the community Dawn treats everyone like a part of the family, often going above and beyond for those that need it most.

In recognition of the 2018 NAIDOC Week theme, ‘Because of her we can’, Dawn shared some reflections on the women and experiences that have inspired her.

“Ngutchoo Mitchi Dawn Ngutchoo Yarta Adnyamathanha Yarta” – connection to land is ‘Adnyamathanha’ Flinders Ranges. This picture which demonstrates my art being the first born in a hospital, I’m a ‘Strong Proud Adnyamathanha Arrurru Woman’ who comes from a strong blood line of ‘Adnyamathanha Ancestors’ especially my mother Angelina Mckenzie who raised me to be the woman I am today, who taught me about Adnyamathanha Culture and Way of Life, who gave birth to me, who nurtured me, and passed onto me her wisdom, courage and knowledge which I can now pass onto my daughter, and granddaughters! so for this Mum I can hold my head up high and proudly say ‘Because of Her I Can'”

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