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Super-volunteer Darren Rigg

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Volunteers are the beating heart of local sports clubs. We know that if they didn’t put in the passion they do – our sporting worlds wouldn’t go round! Darren Rigg of Montmorency Junior Football Club is one such club champion that we’d like to celebrate 

MJFC was established in 1968 and prides itself on an inclusive club. The club is in an outer northeast suburb of Melbourne. It has one of the largest junior memberships with over 500 players. They’re Good Sports Level 3 accredited – the highest level – and proud.  


“I volunteer my time to the club because I have three kids getting a life experience from this footy club. And see it as appropriate to be part of the fabric of what we do and how we do it,” said Darren.  

“I feel a sense of achievement when people say a simple“thank you” or tell me the club has a real community feel about it.”   

Darren played for Monty for nine years. His father filled the shoes of the role of President. Since Darren’s own children have started playing for the club, he has been a coach and committee member for the past nine years. He’s taken on the role of President for the last two. He gives up more than 20 hours of his own time each week to run the club. 

FIRST IN, LAST OUT at Montmorency Junior Football Club

Monty VicePresident Daniel Thorne said Darren is a key driving force behind the club’s healthy and welcoming culture.  

Darren is very active in his participation. He’s always the first at the grounds to open up and the last one there at the end of the Sunday to lock up,” Daniel said. 


Although the club can’t currently train or play matches, the committee and Darren are working hard to keep everyone connected. They’re sending out video messages to members and their families. They’re also posing social media challenges for junior players to participate in. 

We have asked players and families to tag us on social media with any impressive football things they do. We have offered vouchers for the best posts as incentives for everyone to stay connected. Our committee has started meetings via Zoom to keep on top of things as well,” said Darren. 


The main reason Montmorency Junior Football Club joined Good Sports is to promote sport to children. The emphasis is on the game and their participation rather than the exposure to alcohol. Darren and the committee believe in the program. The changes the club has made as a result of participation have been positive already. It’s due to passionate volunteers like Darren that these changes can be so successful. 

“Volunteers like Darren are the backbone of community sporting clubs. They work tirelessly to ensure people can enjoy the many benefits of sport,” said Good Sports Acting Victorian Manager, Daniel Vautin. 

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