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Mary’s Mount Netball Club super-dad Alan Barnett

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Mary’s Mount Netball Club is located in the hills east of Perth. The club has been around for about 20 years and they are proudly Good Sports accredited, and soon to be Good Sports Junior accredited. Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the fantastic dads and male role models around Australia, and at Good Sports we want to shine a light on one of the many dads who is helping to make his community sporting club the best it can be, Mary’s Mount netball dad Alan Barnett.

Mary’s Mount has around 150 members, with a large focus on being community-oriented and on providing an inclusive environment for members to enjoy netball and make friendships. The club loves being part of Good Sports as it’s a great match to the Mary’s Mount attitude, where the focus is on kids enjoying themselves and there is an atmosphere of fair play and respect.

As well as being a great dad, Alan is a champion of the Good Sports values.

“Being a part of the Good Sports program is for us, asking how we can be a better club. Good Sports gives us ideas on how to be more professional and how to engage the community,” he said.

Almost a decade of service

Alan has been on the Mary’s Mount committee for the past nine years, serving as President until last year. Despite stepping down from the presidency, he is still heavily involved in the sport that he loves.

Father to two netball-loving girls Maddison and Mackenzie, Alan became involved with the netball club when his eldest daughter was around nine years old. Alan’s wife Christine is also a coach at Mary’s Mount; netball really is a family affair for the Barnetts.

“My favourite thing about being a dad is seeing my girls grow and develop and become not just great sports, but better people. That’s also what I love about coaching netball,” Alan said.

Sharon Perrella, Grants and Sponsorship Coordinator at Mary’s Mount, says that Alan is a friendly and supportive face around the club.

“Even though his daughters are well into high school, he comes to watch the younger kids’ games still. He’s a real family man.”

An inclusive and friendly club

Being a tall man with a caring heart, he is the first person to carry off an injured child if a player is hurt on court, ensuring they are looked after.

Throughout his time at the club, the dad of two has gone on to do advanced coaching training and coaches at a district level. Last year, Alan was nominated for Kalamunda Volunteer of the Year, a testament to the effort and love he puts into his netball club.

“Alan makes an effort to get to know everyone, he probably knows the name of everyone in the club! He’s warm, welcoming and takes the time to have a chat. He makes everyone feel included and involved in decision making,” Sharon said.

Alan says he loves how the netball club members, committee members and families all come together to make Mary’s Mount successful.

“They all put in for the benefit of others. It’s a wonderful environment.”

A big-hearted dad

At Mary’s Mount, Alan is a living example of the Good Sports values. Those that know him, know that he has always been big on respect. He encourages club members to be respectful of each other, players and officials. For Alan, it’s all about being caring and kind to each other.

He also noted that it’s more than any single person who makes the world of Mary’s Mount Netball go round. There are many great fathers who get involved in community activities such as fundraising.

“There are so many parents who volunteer. But a couple of other dads I want to congratulate for their hard work are Chris Williams, coach and committee member, and Mark Nixon. He’s also on the committee and has been in various roles including coach.”

Alan is excited about the future of the club. He says it’s been great seeing lots of boys come through the club in recent years. Team sports help all young kids to understand how to take the good with the bad. And how to work together to achieve great things.

Sharon says that her favourite thing about her fellow committee member is his attitude and his dedication.

“He’s just fun. Alan’s created a really strong backbone for the club, and everything is done properly. At the end of the day, he makes everyone want to get involved.”


To find out more about Mary’s Mount Netball Club, check out their website!

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