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Local Heroes: Africa United Rugby League

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Africa United Rugby League have been heralded for their strong commitment to creating a healthy and family-friendly environment. Africa United Rugby League joined the Good Sports community in 2016 and has since reached the highest level of the core program, implementing policies around alcohol, tobacco and safe transport. Additionally, Africa United Rugby League has developed an Illegal Drugs Policy through the Good Sports Tackling Illegal Drugs program. Having an Illegal Drugs Policy sets clear guidelines on expected behaviours of a club’s members and spectators, and how to respond to a potential illegal drug issue in a fair and appropriate manner. The club has also committed to a number of Good Sports Healthy Eating strategies, including providing and promoting healthy food and drink options.


A proud and united Good Sports club

Africa United Rugby League said it is proud to be part of the Good Sports community.

The good sports program has really helped members. It helps them better understand their choices for a better and healthier lifestyle. This has resulted in  seeing more results on and off the fields with their fitness and gains in the gym.

Building a healthy and inclusive rugby club

Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Good Sports Manager, Mark Harris applauded the efforts of the club, calling Africa United Rugby League “a fantastic role-model in community sport and should feel incredibly proud of its strong commitment to building a healthy and inclusive club,”.

“We know that the further a club progresses through the Good Sports program, the greater the positive impact. Both on the club and the broader community,” Mr Harris added.


You can find out more about Africa United Rugby League through their website. You can also follow them on Facebook!

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