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Kununurra Netball Association levelled up as easy as 1, 2, 3

News & Events / Kununurra Netball Association levelled up as easy as 1, 2, 3

When Sydney-native Stephanie Drysdale moved to Kununurra in 2012, she’d never worn a netball bib outside of mandatory Phys Ed class during high school. But when she arrived in the Kimberley-based town, she quickly noticed netball was one of the main outlets for social sport and community interests. Now Stephanie is the passionate Secretary of Kununurra Netball Association. These days she’s all about netball, umpiring (even getting her C badge umpiring accreditation recently), and has been playing season after season for the last seven years. Her weekends are 100% Netball – spent watching Suncorp Netball, and mucking in at the club. And Kununurra Netball Association is no ordinary Good Sports club. They’ve reached Level 3 accreditation even through they only started with Good Sports in October last year! This is their story.


Kununurra Netball Association officially turns 30 this year and has plenty to celebrate. “It’s been around quite a while”, Stephanie confirms. The club has got a real stronghold in the town. Players in their 50s have been playing at Kununurra since the club began. “They stay involved as long as they live here”, Stephanie says. “Even though they’re in their 50s they’re on the player roster for so many games, and if the 20 year olds need them to sub in, they do! It’s such a huge base. When my husband comes to pick me up, he complains that he can’t find me on the courts because there are so many women in the way!”

Going Next Level is Good Sports club policy

By levelling up through the Good Sports program, Kununurra Netball Association has already implemented the Tackling Illegal Drugs policy, the Smoking Management policy, and the Alcohol Management policy. “We’re part of the nibfoundation‘s Good Sports Junior program, we’ve been able to push Good Sports more and more as we’ve levelled up through the program. All the policies you put in place from levelling up through Good Sports are in place.”

Stephanie says there’s been a really positive reception, particularly to the Tackling Illegal Drugs policy. “It gave a really great avenue for people to seek help and get assistance should the issue come up.” The policies make it easier for the club to ensure everyone is on their best behaviour and doing their best to create and maintain a healthy environment for the kids. “We’re here to make friends, have fun, be supportive of each other – which the kids do more and more. It’s an amazing thing to watch”, Stephanie says.

Stephanie believes levelling up through Good Sports have them all ready to go for the season ahead. Next up for KNA is the North West regional championships in Broome. They’re taking three teams, and are looking to take it to the competition big time. “We’ve got a lot of support from local businesses that have provided the support we needed to make this happen”, Stephanie says. “They see the positive influence the club has on the local youth, and they want to do what they can to support us as an association so they get behind us.”

For Kununurra Netball Association, levelling up was as easy as 1, 2, 3

Stephanie says it’s been a “really positive experience with Good Sports, I can’t fault it. There’s never any pressure, and nothing’s too much trouble. I work fulltime, there are only so many hours in the day.” Stephanie thanks the team member she’s worked with so far because they’ve always made it easy for Kununurra Netball Association to go at their own pace, and checking in to see how things were going. “We always wanted to do the things we needed to do. Isn’t wasn’t a chore for us.” For Kununurra Netball Association, levelling up was as easy as 1, 2, 3. “There weren’t any hiccups, it went so smoothly. No matter what level you’re at, you’ll see benefits.”


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