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The Pakenham Eels Rugby League Club is spreading the word that we are only a Facebook message away. 

The popular club in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs is using the power of the Internet to connect its members during the current COVID-19 restrictions. 

Frequent social media posts not only encourage training at home but offer support and reassurance to the club’s families and wider community. 

Supporting the mental health of members

Club President Jason Buchanan says that the health and wellbeing of players is the club’s priority. 

“The mental health of our players is really important to us. We are making sure we have regular ‘check ins’ with them and share tips on staying well at this challenging time. 

He says that it is important for sporting clubs to remind members that their usual support network within a club has not disappeared. 

Regular contact with our members shows them that we are still here at this vital time to help with health, fitness and wellbeing. We’ve been making sure we keep pushing out regular messages via social media. 

Online training drills for everyone 

The club is also sharing training tips and videos of footy drills for parents and players to do at home.  They have had a great response with players pumping out sprints, doing burpees and practising front on tackles and posting their performances online 

Since it joined NRL Victoria in 2016 the club has always taken an active approach to building a healthy and positive club culture. In 2018 they reached the second-highest level of the Good Sports program implementing a range of policies around alcohol management, tobacco, and safe transport. 

The Pakky Eels, as they are known locally, are game ready and set to shine when they get back on the field. 

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