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How to keep your cool while drinking

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Use our Top Tips to help keep your cool while drinking. Clubs, check out our Safe Celebrations Toolkit for even more tips and resources to help make your next celebration memorable for all of the right reasons.


  • Pre-think your drinking. Just because you’re out doesn’t mean that you have to drink at all, or drink loads – take the time to check in with yourself how you’re feeling. If you’re a bit tired, or low, or under the weather, you might want to ease up.
  • Quench your thirst first. Have a non-alcoholic drink first if you’re thirsty – this is especially important during the hot summer months.
  • Drink slowly. Take sips, not gulps.
  • Drink from a small glass. Some wine glasses can hold several standard drinks.
  • Be aware of exactly what you’re drinking. Remember that wine servings can be generous, that cocktails can have several shots in them, and that sweet drinks like cider and alcopops can contain a lot more alcohol than they may taste like.
  • Try a low alcohol/non-alcoholic alternative. Rumour has it that some low alcohol beers actually taste like real beer.
  • Eat before and while drinking, but avoid salty snacks, which will make you thirsty.
  • Avoid getting into rounds or shouts. They can make you drink faster, and drink more, so that you can keep up with your friends.
  • Avoid top ups. Drink one drink at a time to keep track of how much you are drinking.
  • Try the low-alcohol alternative: A wide range of light beers are available. Low-alcohol or non-alcoholic wines are also becoming more available. Most places that serve cocktails also serve non-alcoholic versions.
  • Stay busy: If you have something to do, it can take the focus away from drinking. Play pool, games, music or dance.



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