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Bar best practice: Incident Register

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An incident register is a document used to record a summary of incidents that have occurred on club premises or during a club-run activity. Having an incident register is best practice for running a bar. Keeping it up to date will help to reduce club liability in the case of an incident, it will also help your club to identify the areas that you might need to improve.

Check out our Incident Register Template and consider using it at your club.


Why do we need an incident register?

Maintaining an incident register gives us a better understanding of events that may affect the safety of our members. It’s also a valuable work, health and safety tool, a way to help your club identify risks occurring over time and can help to develop strategies to reduce the risk of alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour.


Such examples include:

  • An intoxicated person refusing to leave the club premises.
  • Entry refused to an intoxicated or disorderly person.
  • A patron assaulting another patron within the premises.
  • Members or guests creating nuisance when leaving the club, thus creating disturbance for neighbours.
  • General complaints in relation to alcohol related activities.


How do YOU make sure THE club’s incident register is properly maintained?

Your club should implement procedures to make sure the register is properly maintained. An example of this is to delegate responsibility to our committee and bar servers.

Your club should also educate members about the value of maintaining a register so they understand its importance in supporting a safe and more family-friendly club environment.


When to complete the incident register

Your club incident Register should be completed at the time the incident occurs, or at the soonest opportunity you have after the incident. Having this document will help your club members to recorn the appropriate details, including witnesses and any comments from the event.

Information collected will include:

  • Details of the person completing the incident report
  • Time/Date/Place of incident
  • Details of those involved in the incident
  • Description of the incident
  • Whether security or policy where involved
  • First aid requirements
  • Property damage assessment
  • Witness details
  • Any further action required

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