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Good Sports ‘Golden’ Badminton Superstars go Next Level with gusto

News & Events / Good Sports ‘Golden’ Badminton Superstars go Next Level with gusto

Great Southern Badminton Association’s Club Treasurer Steve Wynniatt’s passion for badminton started in 1985, and from the moment his racquet touched the shuttlecock he was hooked. “I found it a very good sport that was a great way of keeping fit”, so he decided straight away that it was the sport for him. He’d found it after dabbling with other racquet sports such as tennis and table tennis  over the years, and as he was approaching his ‘twilight years’, he needed a sport that could keep him active, and play for the long haul. Badminton was the perfect fit. “I was looking for something different as well”, Steve reveals. “Something I could play even in wintertime.”

Great Southern is where he first picked up a badminton racquet, and it’s where he has remained. The club is in its 61st year, and most proud to be a Level 3 Good Sports club.

Keeping active to keep going Next Level

Great Southern Badminton Association was formed in 1958, finally becoming incorporated in 1985, the same year Steve joined the club. But he’s by no means the longest-serving member. “We’ve got a few players at the club that have been playing for about 50 years”, Steve says. These players have earned their much deserved ‘life member’ status, their names etched into very vintage badminton racquets at the club. “These guys aren’t the kind you see strolling around the golf course”, Steve clarifies. “We’re told to keep active and to keep going and believe me that’s what’s going on at the club!” Steve is keen to make it abundantly clear that the 70-somethings he’s talking about are no net chippers. They’re still ‘all-court’ players.

Steve’s exclusive in his love for badminton, he’s got no time for other racquet sports these days.

A good club treasurer is all about the numbers…and the details

Steve’s enthusiastic defense of badminton is a joyous thing, it speaks to his love of the game and he’s equally enthusiastic about his club. “It’s such a friendly club. It’s got atmosphere”, he says. He’s been Great Southern Badminton Association club’s Treasurer for seven years, a role he loves for an unusual reason. Because there’s another thing he loves just as much as badminton. “I love spreadsheets. I love spreadsheets a lot”, Steve admits without hesitation. “Working with numbers in little boxes is really good fun.” He does what he enjoys on and off the court to help ensure the club’s running smoothly. But he’s notably humble when describing Great Southern Badminton Association’s local status as a community hub.

“Badminton’s a low-profile sport”, Steve concedes. “But you can come to our club, have a hit for next to nothing, no matter how young or old, or how good you are with a racquet”, he says. But for Steve, it’s all about the numbers and the details. So his club joined Good Sports and started levelling up. “I’m all about accreditations and improving everything on offer at the club”.

“Good Sports was the fit” for this South Australian Badminton club

Since joining Good Sports the Great Southern Badminton Association has steadily levelled up their accreditation, implementing Alcohol Management, Smoking Management, and Tackling Illegal Drugs policies, “basically rewriting our Constitution”, Steve says proudly.

“Good Sports was the fit. We wanted to get everything like this in place. It’s what the community expects these days. It used to be just come down and have a hit, but there’s more to being a club than that. We need to be on the ball. And it’s a good thing. Especially for the kids who spend time at the club”.

So what does the future hold for Great Southern Badminton Association? For Steve, the plan is “going forward, providing community activities, and having all the right boxes ticked.” The future of Great Southern Badminton Association looks as Golden as its past.


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