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Good Sports Clubs benefiting from the Tasmanian Grants Program

Grants to help build healthier Tasmanian sports clubs

News & Events / Grants to help build healthier Tasmanian sports clubs

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Good Sports team is excited to be awarding grant funding to 120 sports clubs in Tasmania, to help strengthen their efforts in building healthy club environments. Clubs who receive a share of the $48,000 of grant funding, can use the money towards a range of resources, including alcohol and other drug educational workshops, mental health first aid training, cooking equipment, healthy food training sessions and Good Sports information and promotional resources.


In Tasmania, Good Sports is funded by the Australian Government and Tasmanian Government. The Good Sports Grants Program is funded by the Tasmanian Government and applications are open to all Good Sports clubs across the state.  “The Good Sports Grants reward Good Sports clubs that want to further their efforts in fostering healthy and inclusive club cultures,” Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing Jeremy Rockliff said.

Encouraging good healthy wellbeing habits from a young age

“It’s important that we help encourage and foster, good healthy wellbeing habits from a young age but also increase the education and awareness of issues that may be impacting on an individual as an adult,” Minister Rockliff said.

“My expectation is that these grants will help lead to real difference in our local communities,” Minister Rockliff added.

Good Sports works with more than 400 community sports clubs in Tasmania and over 9,500 clubs nation-wide. The program offers clubs free tools, resources and practical support. To implement policies around alcohol management, tobacco, and safe transport.

Helping to foster a healthy sports club culture

LaTrobe Football Club, a recipient of one of the Good Sports Grants, has selected kitchen appliances to help foster a healthy club culture.

Board Member, Greg Donald says “our junior program has expanded greatly in the past few years. Above all, we are looking at ways to help our younger players look after themselves. And also participate in a great club culture,” Mr Donald said.

“Having occasions where the juniors can jump in. And help prepare healthy snacks after training nights, functions or game days is a fun way to do both,” Mr Donald added.

Proud to be part of the Tasmanian Good Sports community

South Launceston Cricket Club, another recipient of one of the Good Sports Grants, has selected kitchen appliances to ensure they can provide healthy, nutritious food at their player teas.

Club President, Jeremy Jackson believes “the health and wellbeing of club members should be priority number one in all community sporting clubs.  The club we are continually striving to be is one that is built on inclusion, safety and enjoyment. And a family friendly environment.  We think that the Good Sports program shares these values. Most importantly, they have been a valuable partner for us in delivering on them within the club,” Mr Jackson said.

“We hold player teas for members and supporters where we have the opportunity to present information on different topics. As a result, the player teas help to strengthened bonds. And ensure that we look after one another mentally and physically,” Mr Jackson added.

Fostering systemic changes in club culture

Good Sports is proven to reduce risky drinking at participating clubs by 37%. And has seen a reduction of alcohol-related accidents among Good Sports club members and supporters by 42%.

Studies have also found that Good Sports has contributed to supporting positive and inclusive community sporting environments.

“Community sporting clubs right across Tasmania have the opportunity to join Good Sports. We commit to guiding clubs through the free program. As a result, making it easier for already busy volunteers to implement,” Dr Lalor added.


Find out more about the Tasmanian Grants Program here and how you can apply!

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