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Goulburn District Netball Association are ‘Going Green’ with the Healthy Eating program

News & Events / Goulburn District Netball Association are ‘Going Green’ with the Healthy Eating program

Goulburn District Netball Association are all about three things – passion, team spirit, and integrity. They want their players and fans to be their best inside and out. With a helping hand from Good Sports and Finish with the Right Stuff, their club has been working hard to bring delicious and healthy food options to their canteen. They’ve been part of the Good Sports Healthy Eating program for a number of years, and they’ve got some really great tips and yummy food ideas for your sports club’s canteen too!

‘Going green’ with “less lollies and junk”

When Goulburn District Netball Association first joined the Good Sports Healthy Eating program, their canteen wasn’t like it is today. Club Vice President Karan Campbell admits it was chock full of “hot chips, sausage sandwiches, sausage rolls, meat pies” and other traditional canteen standards. Karan says joining the program “changed the focus of our club. We’re a healthier club now. We took time to look at healthier options.” She says the club is encouraging their young players to be healthier by setting an example at the canteen.

The key to Goulburn District’s success with the Healthy Eating program comes down to one key change, says Karan. “Less lollies and junk”. She explains that the way they managed to make the change was by ‘going green’ – which is easy with Finish with the Right Stuff’s Healthy Swaps and other super helpful canteen resources. “We’ve replaced potato chips with popcorn, regular soft drinks with diet soft drinks, we’ve even got chicken and salad sangas made to order!”

Goulburn District’s other secret recipe to success is surprisingly simple. “We offer free fruit to the kids and always keep it on hand”.

Karan says running a healthy sports club canteen is always a work in progress. “Hot chips is still the best seller overall”, Karan concedes. So now the club’s looking for more hot healthy options to add to their winter canteen menu. “Currently we’ve got cheese and tomato toasted sangas which are new a club favourite!”. “The toasties do well”, Karen says proudly. “Our club thinks they’re pretty yum and they keep your hands warm as a bonus!”

“Adopting healthy eating initiatives really helps sports clubs grow”

Karan says the thing she loves most about our her club, is that it’s her way of being part of her much-loved local community. “I love the people, the kids, there’s not one person at Goulburn District I don’t want to spend time with”. That’s why she’s so dedicated to helping them stay healthy and strong on game day. “We encourage our players to be healthy by making the Player of the Match prizes things like vouchers to Zamberos and Boost Juice. We shy away from fast food sponsorship where we can.”

Karan says she absolutely recommends the Healthy Eating program to other Good Sports clubs, and encourages other sports clubs to join in and take part too. “They’re really supportive and were so helpful getting things up and running. Finish with the Right Stuff and Good Sports offer lots of support and resources, and lots of rewards. Being part of Good Sports and adopting healthy eating initiatives really helps with lots of things, especially grants and applying for sponsorship”, Karan says.

Karan’s Good Sports club canteen tips and tricks

So, what’s Karan’s biggest canteen recipe tip? Chicken salad sangas! “We recently hosted the 2019 Bing Lee Regional League – South Coast competition, and the salad sangas were a hit! We just use chicken breast, pre-mix salad, and a little butter”. Karan is hoping to make the sandwiches even healthier by making them with multigrain instead of white bread, but knows that it’ll be a challenge getting that healthy swap past the kids. “One day at a time”, she says. It’s just one of many next steps this already happy and healthy club are taking on their change-making journey with Good Sports.

“Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring”, Karan says. “The secret is to make the right thing a fun thing.”


You can find out more about Goulburn District Netball Association by following them on Facebook! You can find other great club canteen tips and recipes at Finish with the Right Stuff.

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