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Good Sports Junior Tennis Club Aims for Winners Down the Line

News & Events / Good Sports Junior Tennis Club Aims for Winners Down the Line

Through the nibfoundation‘s Good Sports Junior Program, Esperance Tennis Club has implemented initiatives around healthy eating, tobacco, alcohol, and positive spectator behaviour. As a result, the club has now built a healthier and more inclusive environment for juniors to play sport. Good Sports Junior is proudly supported by nib foundation and builds on the success of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program, which is Australia’s largest preventative health initiative in community sport.


Proud to be a Good Sports Junior club

Esperance Tennis Club Coach, Darren Foss says he is proud to be part of a Good Sports Junior club. “The club joined up with Good Sports because we believe in healthy active living and educating our juniors. The future really is in the hands of our younger generation,” said Mr Foss. “We believe it needs to start at a grassroots level so others in the community can follow our lead,” Darren adds.

Alcohol and Drug Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Dr Erin Lalor, praised the club for implementing a number of Good Sports Junior policies, calling it a community champion. “the club is showing true leadership and that it really cares about the health and wellbeing of its younger players,” Dr Lalor said.

“Community sporting clubs play an integral role in encouraging healthier behaviours”

nib foundation Executive Officer, Amy Tribe said over 60% of Australian children playing team sport outside of school hours. Because of that, community sporting clubs play an important role in encouraging healthier behaviours. “The health, fitness and social benefits of participating in sport are invaluable.” Mrs Tribe said.

“Becoming healthier and more family-friendly through Good Sports”

More than 700 clubs across the country are now part of the Good Sports Junior program. Most importantly, “Community sporting clubs are becoming healthier and more family-friendly through Good Sports. We invite more clubs to join the program, so they too can benefit,” Dr Lalor said. “We know running a community sporting club is hard work. Guiding clubs through the Good Sports program makes it easier for already busy volunteers to implement”.


To find out more about Esperance Tennis Club, you can visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook!

Interested in joining the Good Sports Junior program? Find out more here.

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