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With all eyes on the club and the community behind you, finals season is a great time to boost your club’s fundraising efforts. It’s also a great way to get more support for your club at an important time of the year.

Adding a finals flavour to your current fundraising activities, or dreaming up some new ideas, can be just the boost you need to end your season on a high.

We’ve done some brainstorming to get you started:


  1. Sell finals themed merchandise. We all know that people love to jump on the bandwagon come finals time. Set up a merchandise stand and consider offering stock at sale prices to get more people repping the club colours. You might also like to create player badges – with lots of friends and family coming to support their loved ones, these could be an easy sell.


  1. Help people show their pride. Give your club a true home-ground advantage by setting up stalls for people to show their love for the club. This might include a face-painting stall, or a place for people to create posters. See if you can get these supplied/donated and charge a small fee for people to use the stall.


  1. Offer a finals membership. Give bandwagon supporters the chance to truly support their team. Offer a cheap, one-game/finals membership for new supporters – this might include some special perks, like access to a members-only event or canteen discounts at finals games.


  1. Sell finals themed food. Get creative with your finals footy fare and sell club-themed food to members and visitors. Think healthy club combo meals, with homemade burgers and water on special. Or for a sweet treat, offer cupcakes iced in the club colours.


  1. Get finals sponsors on board. Give local businesses another chance to support your club with a special finals sponsorship. You might like to entice these businesses to jump on board with the offer to set up a stall or appear in match-day announcements on finals day. Remember to maintain your relationships with existing sponsors, offering them the same opportunities.


  1. Get the community involved. Encourage locals to get on board by promoting your finals campaign across the community. Think posters in shop-fronts, targeted social media posts (you could share this post for instance) and special discounts for locals. Get the media involved by calling your local paper and telling them about the club’s journey to the finals. More people at the match means more money in the till and a greater home ground advantage.

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