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Why every club should have a Smoking Management Policy

News & Events / Why every club should have a Smoking Management Policy

There is no place for smoking at a local sporting club. Community clubs, and indeed any sporting organisation or facility, should be promoters of health and wellbeing.

A Smoking Management Policy helps your club to provide duty of care. It means that you’re looking out for the health and safety of your members, volunteers and visitors.

A policy will also help you to enforce any non-smoking laws that might affect your club.

Not convinced? Here’s 5 more reasons why the butt should stop at your local club.


  1. Second hand smoke

Environmental or second-hand tobacco smoke is a serious health hazard that non-smokers deserve to be protected from. Plenty of scientific evidence backs up the claim that second-hand smoke is a health threat to non-smokers, with the potential to increase the risk of respiratory problems, heart disease, heart attacks and cancer.

A smoke-free environment is the best way to provide effective protection from second-hand smoke for your members, guests and volunteers.


  1. Role-modelling

For many young people, a local sporting club is a place to learn valuable lessons and ‘learn the ropes’. Players, coaches and spectators are not just club leaders; they are community role-models.

By banning smoking at your local sporting club, or creating smoke-free areas, you will help to make smoking less visible and acceptable. This can directly contribute to a reduced uptake of smoking among young people in your community.


  1. Support those trying to quit

Smoke-free areas are not only beneficial for non-smokers, they also support smokers who are trying to quit.

By making smoking less of a social outlet at your club and making it more difficult for smokers to access smoking areas, there will be less incentive to ‘light up.’


  1. Reduce litter

Putting in place outdoor smoke-free areas helps to reduce the amount of cigarette butt litter at your local club. With designated smoking areas in place, litter is confined to a smaller area and can be better controlled with ash trays and bins.

With reduced litter, there is a reduced fire risk and children are less likely to pick up and swallow discarded butts.


  1. Community leader

As community leaders, local sporting clubs have a responsibility to promote healthy behavior to members and guests.

A Smoke Free Policy is evidence that your club cares about community members. This can help to attract new members and positively promote your club in the community.


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